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Sodium Phytate

Sodium Phytate, the sodium salt form of Phytic Acid, is primarily extracted from plant tissues such as bran and seeds, where phytic acid acts as the principal storage form of phosphorus. As an all-natural chelating agent, Sodium Phytate can replace disodium and tetrasodium EDTA in cosmetic products to help prevent undesirable metal-catalyzed reactions, thereby stabilizing cosmetic products. It can help mitigate discoloration and rancidity caused by metals in formulations and works synergistically with other antioxidants.

植酸鈉, Sodium Phytate, 螯合劑, 化妝品穩定劑, 美白皮膚, 改善皮膚彈性, 調節油性皮膚, 減少毛孔, 抗氧化劑, 美白, 橘皮組織改善, 植物提取, 安全化妝品成分,chelating agent, cosmetic


Effect in Cosmetics

The functions of Sodium Phytate in cosmetics include:

  1. As a chelating agent: Binds metal ions which could negatively impact the stability and quality of cosmetic products.
  2. Moisturizes skin.
  3. Improves skin elasticity.
  4. Normalizes oily skin.
  5. May help reduce pore size.
  6. Helps lighten skin.
  7. May help improve the appearance of cellulite.


Sodium Phytate is primarily extracted from plant tissues such as bran and seeds, which are rich sources of phytic acid.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals 

Sodium Phytate is considered a safe cosmetic ingredient


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