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Sodium cocoate

Sodium cocoate is a mixture of fatty acid salts (acid salts) of coconut oil, commonly used in some soaps. This ingredient is produced by hydrolyzing the ester linkages in coconut oil with sodium hydroxide, a strong base, resulting in sodium cocoate. This process is essentially one of the traditional methods of soap making, where coconut oil contributes to the soap's cleaning ability and its rich lather.

椰油硫酸鈉, Sodium Coco Sulfate, SCS, 清潔劑, 乳化劑, 低刺激性, 椰子油提取, 界面活性劑, 化妝品成分, 洗髮精成分, 皮膚安全, 溫和清潔


Effects in Cosmetics

As a primary ingredient in soap, sodium cocoate has excellent cleaning properties, effectively removing grease and dirt from the skin.
Provides rich lather, enhancing the sensory experience during use.
In some cases, sodium cocoate is considered nourishing to the skin, helping to maintain the natural oil balance of the skin.


Extracted from coconut oil.
Produced by reacting coconut oil with sodium hydroxide, utilizing a hydrolysis reaction to generate sodium cocoate.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals 


As a natural soap ingredient, sodium cocoate is widely regarded as safe and suitable for most skin types.
Compared to synthetic surfactants, sodium cocoate is more readily biodegradable and has a lesser environmental impact.


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