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Palm Kernel Acid

Palm Kernel Acid, known in German as "Fettsäuren aus Palmkernöl," is a plant-based fatty acid derived from palm kernel oil. It plays a significant role in the cosmetics manufacturing process, offering valuable applications not only for cleansing skin, hair, or teeth but also serving as a surfactant (emulsifier), enabling the formation of fine, evenly distributed mixtures of oil and water (emulsions). The properties of Palm Kernel Acid make it an indispensable ingredient in many skincare and cleaning products.

Effects in Cosmetics

Palm Kernel Acid has a variety of effects and applications, some of which are listed below:

Cleansing agent: Effectively cleans skin, hair, or teeth, removing dirt and grease.
Emulsifier: Acts as a surfactant, aiding in the blending of oil and water to form stable emulsions, enhancing product texture and stability.


Plant Source: Palm Kernel Acid is primarily extracted from palm kernel oil, which is obtained from the kernels of the palm tree.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals 


Palm Kernel Acid, when used at appropriate concentrations as a cosmetic ingredient, is generally considered safe. However, as responsible users, attention should still be paid to specific concentrations and usage recommendations in products.


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