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Maltodextrin is a white solid derived from the chemical processing of plant starches, belonging to glucose polymers (also known as dextrose or dextrins). There are two main types of maltodextrin: digestible maltodextrins and digestion-resistant maltodextrins, which differ in chemical structure and nutritional properties. Digestible maltodextrins rapidly provide glucose, while digestion-resistant maltodextrins contribute to gastrointestinal health through fermentation in the colon producing short-chain fatty acids.

麥芽糊精使用方法, 麥芽糊精的好處, 可消化麥芽糊精, 抗消化麥芽糊精, 麥芽糊精食品添加物, 低卡甜味劑麥芽糊精, 腸道健康麥芽糊精, 麥芽糊精運動飲料, 麥芽糊精營養補充, 麥芽糊精 GRAS

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The use in food

Digestible maltodextrin: Used as a food additive to quickly provide energy, suitable for sports drinks or recovery supplements.
Digestion-resistant maltodextrin: Serves as a nutritional food additive, helping maintain gut health through fermentation to produce short-chain fatty acids, considered as an ingredient in low-calorie sweeteners.


Digestible maltodextrin is produced by chemically processing plant starches (such as corn, potato, rice, or cassava).
Digestion-resistant maltodextrin is also made from plant starches but processed in a way to be resistant to digestion.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals 


Maltodextrin is considered safe (GRAS) for use in food and beverage manufacturing.
For people with diabetes, digestible maltodextrins may pose risks due to their rapid provision of glucose.
Digestion-resistant maltodextrin, as a fermentable dietary fiber, is beneficial for gut health but may cause abdominal discomfort if consumed excessively.


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