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Hydrogenated Jojoba Wax

Hydrogenated Jojoba Wax (HYDROGENATED JOJOBA WAX), known in German as Jojobawachs, hydriert, is a widely used ingredient in cosmetics. This ingredient is obtained by hydrogenating jojoba oil, providing unique chemical stability and physical properties. As a natural wax, hydrogenated jojoba wax is favored for its excellent moisturizing and repairing capabilities. It not only provides moisture and softness to the skin but also serves as a thickener and carrier in cosmetic formulations, improving the overall texture and application experience of the product.

氫化荷荷巴蠟, HYDROGENATED JOJOBA WAX, 化妝品 添加物, 化妝品 成分, 保養品 成分, 保養品 添加物, 皮膚保濕, 乳化劑, 產品質地改善, 保濕成分, 天然蠟, 膚感改善, 化妝品配方, 荷荷巴油衍生物, 保養品配方


Effects in Cosmetics

Hydrogenated jojoba wax has multiple effects and applications, including:

Skin moisturizing, increasing skin softness and elasticity.
Acting as an emulsifier, helping the water and oil components in the product to mix, improving product stability.
Enhancing the texture of the product, making cosmetics easier to apply and spread.


Derived from jojoba oil, which is extracted by pressing the seeds of the jojoba tree (Simmondsia chinensis).
The jojoba oil is transformed into hydrogenated jojoba wax through a hydrogenation process to enhance its stability and hardness.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals 



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