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CI 77499 Black Iron Oxide

CI 77499, also known as black iron oxide, contains iron and oxygen and is used in cosmetics as a coloring agent. Although CI 77499 is naturally available from the mineral magnetite, the CI 77499 used in cosmetics is synthetically made to filter out any impurities. Generally, iron oxides are long-lasting, and once applied, they usually don’t require reapplication.

氧化鐵CI 77499,化妝品添加物,化妝品成分,保養品成分,保養品添加物,化妝品著色劑,眼影色素,腮紅色素,口紅色素,礦物妝色素,膚色匹配,面部化妝品色素,產品獨特陰影,化妝品安全使用,合成化妝品色素,重金屬無污染,食品著色劑E 172


Uses in Cosmetics

Iron oxide CI 77499 has various effects and applications, some of which are listed below:

Widely used as a colorant in various cosmetics, such as eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, mineral makeup, etc.
One of the main pigments for matching skin tones in foundations, concealers, and other face makeup.
Provides excellent dispersing properties, and their intense color adds a unique shade to the product.

The use in food

food coloring agent: E 172.


Iron oxide CI 77499 is manufactured synthetically. Initially, ferrous sulfate is prepared by reacting iron filings with sulfuric acid, then caustic soda and ferric oxide are added to carry out an addition reaction at 95~105℃ to generate ferric oxide, which is then filtered and dried. The black iron oxide is obtained from this via pulverization.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals 


Only synthetically made CI 77499 is considered safe for use in cosmetics by the U.S. FDA, as naturally obtained CI 77499 and other iron oxides may be contaminated with heavy metals.


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